Green Banking

Climate change and sustainability are some pressing concerns today and they have become an integral part of business decisions in any industry. The World Bank’s Developing a National Green Taxonomy guide helps the banking and financial industry to identify and define what is considered a green project. Many banks are actively including the improvement of ESG metrics in their operations, influenced by the green taxonomy concept.

There has never been a better time to gain a competitive edge by adopting progressive ESG policies. Perhaps you have many questions about ESG metrics and how you can incorporate them into your business strategy and operations. This is where IFINITY can help you.


Leveraging on our extensive experience in the banking and financial industry, we will work with you within three broad categories.

  • ESG as a part of your corporate ethos – Understand how you can include ESG factors as a part of your corporate strategy and identity for sustainable long term business growth.
  • Sustainable operations – Enable you to measure/monitor ESG metrics (such as energy consumption patterns, the progress of reforestation projects, contributions to the environment, etc.) and provide a framework whereby you can improve your performance.
  • Support green banking initiatives – Help your customers to become more sustainable too. Create products that are especially designed for customers who work on sustainability projects. These can include net zero initiatives/financing, funding for LEED certification projects (new and existing) or benchmarking your carbon footprint.

IFINITY Technology Capabilities for ESG

Our technology solutions are equipped with the following capabilities to address each of your needs within the above categories.

  • Positive screening – Select corporate buyers with high ESG metrics
  • Negative screening – Exclude/avoid transactions that do not comply with ESG metrics
  • Integration – Incorporate ESG issues to your integration strategy
  • Thematic investing – Prioritize companies/ projects that aim to make a positive ESG impact
  • ESG engagement – Actively participate in improving ESG metrics
  • Sustainable finance framework – Due diligence processes and regular third party reviews to ensure ESG compliance

NCINGA GreenLake

Powering IFINITY’s ESG approach is NCINGA GreenLake. Our parent company is Asia’s only lean system integrator. IFINITY’s technology capabilities are based on the cross-industry sustainability 4.0 data driven cloud platform – NCINGA GreenLake. It is hardware agnostic, equipped with AI based predictions and trends, provides energy consumption and production insights, and uses a lean management methodology.

Our ESG Successes

We have worked with customers to achieve several sustainability goals and improve ESG metrics.

Energy saving initiatives

  • Monitor energy consumption patterns of office buildings to save energy by 20% within a year.
  • Save a Liter of Fuel concept to support remote working and reduce fuel usage.
  • Interest free loans for employees to purchase bicycles to encourage sustainable, healthy commutes to work.
  • Electricity Challenge competition to reduce domestic electricity bill charges by 15-20% within a year.

Reforestation and carbon footprint reduction

  • Increase the forest cover of Sri Lanka based on the implementation of each project.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint within a year to gain carbon neutral certification.

How can we help you get started?

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