Customer experience

Lackluster use of digital banking services is often a result of poor design, a lack of consistency, and a failure to provide omni-channel experiences to customers.

IFINITY will work with you to build a single consolidated platform for frictionless digital banking services. Moreover, the platform will facilitate you to introduce new services to the market faster.

The platform will be equipped with the capabilities to support:

  • Next-generation integrated applications
  • Aggregated, account, transaction, and payment services supporting multi-core/vendor integrations
  • Business intelligence functions supported by analytics, machine learning, and predictive modeling
  • Secure and open API management
  • Fast, agile development and testing

Integration and automation

Ineffective communication between legacy and new systems leads to costly human errors, manual completion of repetitive tasks, and an overall poor customer experience.

To ensure that you simplify interfaces and standardize components, lower costs, and provide more security and reliability, our integration approach provides:

  • An API layer for open banking and bank 4.0
  • Automation tools for repetitive, manual tasks
  • API monetization
  • Microservice component layer
  • Intelligent process automation

Data and artificial intelligence (AI)

Banks are in possession of large volumes of data generated independently through their many sub-systems. Data storage and analysis needs to be centralized for easy access, visibility, and decision making.

IFINITY technology supports:

  • Legacy data migration
  • Data lake (on-premise and cloud based)
  • Business intelligence and advanced analytics
  • Explainable AI


A digitalized core banking platform is an integral part of complying with open banking standards. Unavailability of APIs and digital product capabilities will make any bank less competitive.

Our core banking technology give you:

  • A flexible product catalog to add or append products and launch them quickly
  • Continuous improvement and continuous deployment (CI/CD) to introduce any service without having a negative impact on existing services
  • Modules with the elasticity to procure core banking services when required


Legacy infrastructure cannot always accommodate the demands of invisible banking with industry standards that were introduced prior to the mass adoption of cloud native microservices.

We’ll help you build highly available and resilient infrastructure with the following capabilities:

  • Designed from the ground up
  • Seamlessly integrate with on-premise data centers and public clouds
  • Self-provisioning through orchestration and automation to reduce waiting times
  • Multi-tenancy to segregate different domains for regulatory compliance
  • End-to-end monitoring and metering


Siloed security systems do not provide complete visibility of or protection against multi-vector threats.

Our security approach involves:

  • Microsegmentation and zero-trust policies for a strong security foundation
  • Data loss prevention to protect personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Protection for both on-premise and cloud data centers
  • Security orchestration and automation response for endpoint protection and real time visibility of threats

To learn about each of these components and how we help, get in touch with us.

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